Blanket Bank

Have you experienced a shivering north Indian night, the chill in the open on the bridges, roads and railway platforms is near death experience in the winter months of mid-November through February. People die for the want of a single blanket that could save their lives. At homes and in the hotels every year so many blankets and quilts are discarded due to aging and loss of warmth, but that blanket can save a life of a homeless feeble soul.

In the year 2007 Tornos Foundation started an innovative concept of 'BLANKET BANK', where people can donate their old blankets and woolens for further donation to right and deserving homeless and needy. Our team ventures out in the dead of the night, identifying the really deserving underprivileged homeless people trying to fight the winter chill. 

Later in 2010 we started accepting even the summer clothes under this programme. This collected clothes are distributed during summers and at the time of natural calamity that comes in unannounced. Our biggest donation under this programme reached Uttrakahnd and later to Kashmir during flash floods. These were truck loads of clothes from our stocks and random collection made at the time of tragedy.

Often people do not know where and how to donate their old blankets, quilts and old unusable clothes - Blanket Banks comes as a single point donation centre where the donator trusts that it would go into the right hands.

Save lives



 It is never too late to realise the fact that, first it is necessary to stand on your own two feet. But the minute you find yourself in that position, the next thing you should do is to reach out your arms to others who have not stood. You can contribute to us not only financially but other ways too. How ? 


Donation does not necessarily come in huge sums. It could be just a few rupees saved by way of smoking a cigarette less a day, or drinking a peg lesser once a week, or may be just collecting the money that you might have earned by selling household junk, old news-papers and magazines. You may also donate your household goods, old clothes, toys, books etc., Know how ?


The worst part is that a three month old cub is nailed in its nose with red-hot iron, to make way for a plastic rope that would remain there for all its life and make it stand and shake as a dancer not to the tune of the dugdugi but due to pain that it feels when the rope is pulled. The teeth are smashed, claws clipped and it is made to stand on a hot tin plate so that it learns jumping and swaying. More...



Tornos Foundation (TF) is a registered non-profit social organisation in India. are our principal supporters.

Our charity supporters are RACH Foundation, registered as a non-profit organisation in the USA.