About Us

The Tornos Foundation is a resource for innovative people and institutions in the field of tourism all over India. Our goals are to:

  • Strengthen democratic values

  • Reduce poverty and injustice

  • Promote international cooperation

  • Providing better living standards

  • Advance human achievement and

  • Environmental and Cultural Conservation

Through tourism. This has been our purpose for more than three years now since 2001. Created with funds from TORNOS, its partners and like minded individuals, by Prateek Hira, Manoj Dixit, Nawab Jafar Mir Abdullha and HRH Princess Fay V-Ary, the Foundation is an independent organization, with its own board other than the main business unit.

Tornos Foundation is a social body that has some regular running programmes and also some randomly planned community service events. Some of our regular programmes and service highlights are:

1. Saturday Talk Series.
2. Community and Social Service Day.
3. Basic Level Staff Training.
4. Tourism Awards and The Chair of Honour.
5. Tornos Foundation Fellowships Programme (TFFP).

Saturday Talk Series
Once a year Foundation organizes a series of lectures by eminent tourism professionals and experts for the benefit of Tourism Students. Talk Series constitutes 2 to 4 lectures and aims at enhancing the future human resource and enriching the brain pool of the tourism industry. To attend this lecture one can just drop us an e-mail with his name, address, course undergoing to : info@tornosindia.com

Community and Social Service Day (27th September)
On the occasion of World Tourism Day every year we at Tornos Foundation serve the community by way of organizing cleanliness drives, public education programmes, under-privileged society’s social enhancement through tourism, social service at orphanages, destitute homes, old-age homes etc., 

Basic Level Staff Training (Drivers, Porters, Room Boys, Sweepers etc.,)
The Foundation understands the importance of basic level staffing and fully endorses the dictum of ‘Strong foundation builds strong homes’. Specially tailored basic level training programmes for the basic staff of travel and hotel trade keep running from time to time for the benefit of organisations in general and involved basic staff in particular.

Tourism Awards and The Chair of Honour
Tornos Foundation constitutes different awards in the field of travel, tourism and hotels. These are tourism excellence awards that are decided by an independent panel constituted by the foundation. The nominations are made by the foundation itself but nominations are also accepted from outside. The award carries an Honour Stroll, Memento and a Certificate. The Foundation also institutes a Chair of Honour at the Tornos Foundation which is the highest recognition given to individuals who have achieved remarkable feet in Lucknow Tourism.

Tornos Foundation Fellowships Program
Tornos Foundation Fellowships Program (TFFP) provides opportunities for advanced study to exceptional individuals who will use this education to become leaders in the field of Tourism, furthering development in their own cities or region with an aim of providing greater economic and social justice to the local community. To ensure that Fellows are drawn from diverse backgrounds, Tornos Foundation actively seeks candidates from social groups and communities that lack systematic access to higher education in tourism but have a clear and focused objective in life with regard to tourism.

TFFP is the largest single program ever supported by Tornos Foundation. By investing INR 30,00,000 (Rs 3 millions) over a period of three years through 2004, the Foundation intends to build on its ten year of support for tourism education. Foundation programs have long promoted the highest educational standards and achievement. Tornos Fellowship recipients have become leaders in institutions in India and have helped build global knowledge in the field of tourism within their own regions. TFFP draws on this tradition and underscores the Foundation's belief that education enables people to improve their own lives as well as to assist others in the common pursuit of more equitable and just societies through tourism.


 It is never too late to realise the fact that, first it is necessary to stand on your own two feet. But the minute you find yourself in that position, the next thing you should do is to reach out your arms to others who have not stood. You can contribute to us not only financially but other ways too. How ? 


Donation does not necessarily come in huge sums. It could be just a few rupees saved by way of smoking a cigarette less a day, or drinking a peg lesser once a week, or may be just collecting the money that you might have earned by selling household junk, old news-papers and magazines. You may also donate your household goods, old clothes, toys, books etc., Know how ?


The worst part is that a three month old cub is nailed in its nose with red-hot iron, to make way for a plastic rope that would remain there for all its life and make it stand and shake as a dancer not to the tune of the dugdugi but due to pain that it feels when the rope is pulled. The teeth are smashed, claws clipped and it is made to stand on a hot tin plate so that it learns jumping and swaying. More...



Tornos Foundation (TF) is a registered non-profit social organisation in India. www.tornosindia.com are our principal supporters.

Our charity supporters are RACH Foundation, registered as a non-profit organisation in the USA.  www.rachfoundation.org